Sophie Firmager

I’ve been very fortunate to experience great diversity and growth in all my roles in corporate and community fields, learn from extraordinary people & contribute to individuals and organizations flourishing in ways I once only dreamt of. My career has taken me to an iconic organization, Tiffany & Co. where I work as a strategic and hands-on positive HR Leader to foster a culture of high employee engagement, wellbeing, innovation, collaboration, compassion, achievement, development and recognition, which naturally leads to the achievement of strategic business goals.

I employ positive psychology and mindful leadership principles for supporting people leaders at all levels with creating the necessary conditions to empower their people to deliver their very best work, individually and together as a cohesive unit.

I lead with my strengths in bringing out the best in others, helping people see their value and realise their potential, mobilising and inspiring people to get things done, critically analysing & challenging the status quo, advocating for new and better ways of doing things, managing change, recognising opportunities to maximise business performance, building social connectedness, employee wellbeing and crafting teams with aligned values and the right mix of strengths. I strive everyday to find ways to help individuals work from their areas of strength to maximise their engagement, performance and reach their potential.

Authentic individual with strong values in optimal health, fitness, wellbeing, growth, positive relationships and compassion.

Enjoy volunteering in the local community offering wellbeing coaching to individuals looking for proactive means to creating and sustaining their personal wellbeing, that of their families and friends, schools and workplaces.

Care deeply about peoples wellbeing, so you will often find me sharing my learnings from the fields of positive psychology & neuroscience in the hope that it would help everyone around me.

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