Dr M Maruf Hossain

I am an experienced data science leader and advanced analytics consultant with over 10 years of experience in the private sector, public sector and academia. My passion is using machine learning to discover actionable insights and deliver business value. I have experience across telecommunications, energy, financial services and government.

I am skilled across a range of machine learning and data mining techniques, and is driven in the motivation to apply and extend these. My skills are built on a solid quantitative foundation: I have a PhD in machine learning (The University of Melbourne), a masters in software engineering (Deakin University) and an Honours in mathematics (University of Dhaka).

I’m currently the Data Scientist Chapter Lead for ANZ Bank. I was the Head of Data Science for Credit Clear and Chief Data Scientist for Telstra Global (through Infosys Consulting) and also served as Technical Lead for multiple data science projects for the Australian Government. I was responsible for building the data science practice for IBM Australia which includes developing and delivering, training and mentoring.

I have co-authored numerous research papers on machine learning. My algorithms have been the core component of many high-impact national projects like ACC-lead Taskforce Eligo that sieged over $580 million in cash, drugs and assets in 2013, multi-agency National Security Operations that siege to kick-off once my analytical report during pilot phase went to the PM&C, and the DHS funded entity resolution project that brings together entities from Centrelink, Medicare, and/or other DHS products as well as from transaction records and ATO data.

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July 23, 2021
Using Data and Emerging Technology to Drive Innovation and Transformational Growth, Developa Data Centric Culture, While Complying with Ethics and Regulation