Viona Young

People want to feel connected. When businesses learn how to connect their people with their brand, a little bit of magic happens – productivity goes up, sales increase and customers are more satisfied. It’s called employee advocacy and I believe it’s what all businesses should aspire to achieve. The fact is that most businesses don’t spend much time or money marketing their brand to their first and most influential customers- their employees. My purpose is to help leaders build a business culture where their workforce become passionate brand advocates. I’ve helped leaders at brands like Woolworths, Wine Australia, Countdown, and Endeavour Drinks Group and worked in industries from manufacturing, to retail, to call centres, to fitness. I am passionate and constantly curious about successful businesses and how they inspire and connect people. I now channel this passion working as a Business Consultant, Coach and Non-Executive Director helping organisations shape their culture through strong Learning, Brand and HR strategies. I believe: – People deserve to love their work – businesses are responsible for fostering a culture where their team can thrive; – A good work/life balance is a necessity for people’s productivity; – That being authentic and honest is the only way to get things done; – People do their best work when they have clear direction and purpose.

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