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Future EA and PA Summit 2024The evolution of the EA/PA role: Mindful, high-performing & productive
10th - 11th September, Novotel Central Sydney
About The Event

The role of executive assistants has evolved significantly over the years, from being primarily administrative support to becoming strategic partners to executives. With the rapid advancement of technology and the changing nature of work, executive assistants face both opportunities and challenges in the future.
IBR’s inaugural Future EA and PA Summit explores the potential trajectory of executive assistants,considering emerging trends, the impact of automation and artificial intelligence, and the evolving expectations in the corporate world. The role of executive assistants has traditionally encompassed administrative tasks, scheduling, andmanaging communication for executives. However, as the business landscape becomes increasinglycomplex and fast-paced, the role of executive assistants is expanding beyond traditional boundaries.
Organisations are recognizing the value of executive assistants as strategic partners who possess a unique combination of skills, including strong organisational abilities, adaptability, and the ability tohandle sensitive information.

Topics Covered at the Conference

Our two-day conference on 10-11 September 2024 at Novotel Sydney Central will cover topics including:

  • What are the roles of the modern PA in view of the fast-changing environment?
  • How can we create space to reflect and reposition for a stronger representation in the office?
  • What strategies can we implement to strengthen understanding of one’s capabilities, removing any preconceived perceptions?
  • Truly thinking in the realm of a leader: Confidence, communication, and connection
Our conference is unique:

Uniting Senior Executive Assistants and Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Executive Support, Executive Coordinators, Executive Officers, Management Secretaries, Office Managers and Assistants, sector agnostic in a safe space to share experiences, challenges, and areas for continuous improvement under Chatham House Rule.

We look forward to welcoming you on 10-11 September 2024 in Sydney.

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